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Sunsat/Oersted-8 hours later

   On the 11th try, the delta rocket was successful!!   At Vandenberg
some four miles from the pad the white flume and astounding noise was
due tribute.  It seemed the vehicle simply did not want to depart since
our view angle was nearly vertical.  As reported by Phil Karn, KA9Q, the
launch was effectively seen farther South downrange through separation.
   John Curtis, W7RAQ, posted AMSAT-BB that liftoff was spot on schedule.
One hundred minutes later the Sunsat command team attempted to enable the
telemetry transmitter without result.  Both right and left hand antenna
polarizations were used with different time variant command strings, but
no downlink signals.  The team assumed successful second stage separation
of Oersted/Sunsat and continued commanding for the four minute window.
   At this point all information sources are being asked for feedback.
There is a possibility of a return to Vandenberg at 2300 UTC for another
command trial.  The South African command team has three good passes with
which to command.  Congratulations to all!!      Cliff K7RR/W6HDO

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