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SSTV & fo20 a success

Greetings all
I experimented with SSTV via FO-20 yesterday and received several e-mail 
messages from those who copied the image. I'd like to thank you all for the 
messages and suggestions.  Al, N2YAC suggested a longer start/alert tone
to enable the op at the receiving end to adjust his receiver.  Victor, KE4LKQ
liked the idea of SSTV via satellite and sent the image he copied back to me 
which was very good.  Others copied the image from fair to good, and would 
like more advanced notice next time to set things up...sri guys.  
I was surpised to hear that following the doppler from FO-20 wasn't that difficult
when copying the SSTV signal in SSB.   I havn't had the opportunity to try it 
other than FM SSTV from Mir.  Oscar ten would be the ultimate in SSTV  work
(DX SSTV !) but it looks like it will be in the "sleep mode" for a while, we'll have
to wait and see. 
Thanks for the help and hope to do it again soon... I'll watch the Amsat -bb
for SSTV posts and will be glad to lend assistance.  If anyone would like, I
can send the image I transmitted via SSTV that was returned to me via e-mail.  
73, Tony