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Re: MIR SSTV still on

> If Andy didn't told you yet, 
> MIR SSTV system it's still ON at 0720z (23Feb).
> Enjoy!
Strange, I got several NICE images yesterday, 
but although MIR was in SSTV mode last pass 
(I slept through early passes), the images that 
came down were complete GIBBERISH.  Did 
anyone get any usable images out of the pass 
that went through the US about 13:40 UTC (I 
don't remember the exact time, but it was less 
than a half hour ago).  When the code came on 
at the start of the pass, you could hear a harsh 
AC motorboating sound that seemed similar to 
sounds you used to get out of very old 
fashioned mobile power supplies.  This noise 
seemed to be wiping out the image completely 
even though it wasn't audible during the time 
the tones were going.  Anyway, something is 
not right, maybe it's my receiver.

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