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FT-847 & DSP-2232

I am trying to move my Microsat setup from my FT-736R to my FT-847.  The
FT-736R is modified for 9600 baud and works well with the DSP-2232.

With the FT-847 cabled to the DSP-2232 I have a problem.  I can receive the
9600 baud sats with no problem.  The sats do not seem to hear me.  On
several passes (nearly overhead at times), WiSP trys to request a file or
directory, but the sat never responds.  I think I saw something a while
back about transmit deviation adjustments when using the FT-847 with the
DSP-2232 but, I thought that was for the 1200 baud connection.  My problem
is with 9600 baud.

I do not have a deviation meter but that may be my next piece of equipment
to buy!

Anyone been through this before?

TNX & 73,

Lee, N4GLB

Lee Barnett
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