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Re: MIR SSTV and the Station Software

Mike good morning. Use WiSP. It will "play" your KCT .  Also, You can
call up CromaPix with it ,and  doppler track  an FM satellite. With a
little frequency adjustment in the program your discriminator meter will
stay centered. I use WiSP for all FM birds. UO-22, KO-23, KO-25,TO-31,
AO-27, etc. 

73 Jeff kb2wqm

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:53:40 -0500 "KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL)"
<seven77@gate.net> writes:
>Fellow ops;
>I am using the Station software, in conjunction with the KCT.  I had 
>be out today, and left the station unattended.  I received some 
>pictures today that looked quite interesting.  Since I haven't been 
>to figure out how to get station to compensate for a simplex FM
>frequency, the automation was incomplete, although Station will 
>rotor movements through the KCT.
>Has anyone figured out how to automate this task using Station?  I 
>fool it by setting up a full duplex console, and setting the 
>"mid-passband," but the only FM mode available is NFM, which doesn't
>seem to be wide enough for use.  I haven't been able to correctly
>configure the Sarex consoles, and haven't been able to make those 
>at all.
>If someone has a strategy which works, please let me know.  I wish I 
>been there today to tune, as what I did receive looked very nice 
>Thanks and 73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org
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