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Mir's new active Ham Op.

I had a pleasant surprise Monday morning.  I woke up a
little early for an anticipated 11:28z Mir SSTV pass here
over North Carolina on orbit rev. 74336.  On time, I heard
the first image being sent.  Immediately after the SSTV
transmission,  a crewmember called CQ Houston a few times
with no answer back.  So I called him.  It was Jean Pierre
Hiegnere.  So it appears within 24 hours or less just having 
arrived on board Mir, he is already operating and was kind
enough to speak with me for most of the pass.  He even
resent an SSTV image of him and Sergei Avdeyev in front of
their ham gear when I had missed it during my reconfig to
voice ops during his CQs.  For now I'd say it appears he
enjoys operating from his lofty perch.  I just hope he has
the contesting spirit that a few pileups during North
American passes can't break...73 de Steve K5PK@amsat.org 

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