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Re: LEO survey.

> contacts, with a pre-made return cards and SASE.  I guess some
> won't even just sign it and send it.  Anybody got any secrets
> to getting those last QSLs???

how interesting....i send qsl requests when i am trying to get the last ones 
for w.a.s. on a band along with a sase and a letter asking them to sign. still 
no response. i have marked them 'last one i need for w.a.s.' in an appeal so 
they would send a card. still no card.

rather strange, 3 years later, i still needed the card so i sent a second 
request and i got the card. maybe we should wait 3 years and then qsl and 
the return rate should be 100%.

some of the excuses i have heard are that 

'i have no qsl cards'.
'i just moved and i am going to print new ones'

one ham i know here in houston has no cards, never has qsl'd and never will. 
he tells people that he would. that is below me. i can't stand for someone 
doing that. he is a nice guy, just a poor operator.

remember that the qso is not over until you qsl and a qsl card does not have 
to be a card, it can be virtually anything. a sheet of paper, a business card, a 
postcard that you have put your call and information on, a photograph with 
the information either written or attached to the back. be creative. with lasers 
and color inkjet printers, you can do virtually anything to make your card look 
unique and pretty.


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