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Re: Kenwood Data Radio

> I understand the kenwood ht that has the built in tnc can't do crossband
> for pacsats. But can it do everything else?

*** Yes, but it does not support DAMA for Europe and it has MAXFRAME of 1

> Also does it have a built in mail box so people can leave me messages
> while it's hanging on my belt?... without a computer connected? 

*** Yes.  But not conventional BBS type.  It will capture up to 16 APRS
messages and bulletins and you can read and send them from the display
keypad.  If you are on 144.39 anywhere in North America and within range 
of any APRS digipeater you can send and receive messages with any other
APRS station anywhere else in the world (in real time).  THis assumes that
there is an APRS Igate somewhere in your area linking your area to the
rest of the world.

It will also display the range and bearing to all other APRS stations it

See http://www.aprs.org and/or www.aprs.net to see live plots of who is on
the air.  

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