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SSTV Fuji 20 next 2 passes

      Greetings all
   I will be experimenting with SSTV on FO-20 this evening at 23:40 and 01:30 UTC.
I thought it would be best to use Robot 36 to shorten the time it takes to transmit an
image. I also thought it would be best to use the upper portion of the pass band at
435.885 mHz, since the upper portion sees little activity.  The lower portion contains 
cw ops (I'm one of them) and is used more often.  The software I use is W95SSTV and 
can be down loaded from www.siliconpixels.com . Since the doppler effect at 70cm can
make it dificult to copy an picture, one can use the spectral display built into W95SSTV
to keep the 1200hz sync tone centered by tuning the VFO.  I will ID in CW before and
after each image and will wait for a period to listen for any images or replies.  If anyone 
feels the upper portion of the band shouldn't be used for SSTV please let me know.   
Hope to see u there....
73, AB2CJ