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Re: Kenwood Data Radio

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Tim Pickett wrote:

> pacsats. But can it do everything else (ie: aprs, ax.25, etc) here on earth.

That is a complex question.  I think it works like any other TNC.  But it
does not do DAMA for Eurpoe for example.

> I was thinking about checking into picking one up, but I don't want it if I
> can't do everything I want too. Also does it have a built in mail box ?

NO, not in the conventional means.  See next one.

> people can leave me messages while it's hanging on my belt? Also can I
> access those messages if it does have a mailbox from the keypad without a
> computer connected? Thanks a million... 73...

In APRS mode, it will capture messages and will send and receive them form
the KEYpad with no external attachments.  Just tune to 144.39 anywhere in
the North American COntinent, and if there is an APRS infrastrucutre in
your area, then you can send and receive messages anwhyere else in the
world with no konwoldege of the other person other than their call...


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