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Re: ChromaPix

Hi Gene!

congrats to you for your successful MIR reception. I use ChromaPIX too
with success.

> different afternoon transmissions.  However, I noticed a green
triangle of
> color on the right side of the frame, starting at the top right and
> wider to about 50% of the frame width at the bottom.  Anyone have any
> suggestions?  I don't know why this is happening.  Any suggestions
would be

The triangle might be caused by two reasons. One you can work on.
Probably your soundcard reference frequency isn't exactly that one
CPIX requires (11025 kHz). You can adjust this slant in the OPT 2 panel.
How to do this best is described in the CPIX documentation. This
should be done first.

The second reason is the changing distance between your station and MIR
image transmission. ROBOT36 is handled as "free running mode", where
pulses are not used, but the exact timing of each transmitted line. Due
to different
distances this time changes an causes either a triangle from left to
right or
vice-versa depeding if MIR comes closer or departs. But this triangle
should never
exceed 7 % of the bottom line.

73 es gl with MIR SSTV-RX,

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