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Re: Potato Masher question

n4sl@yahoo.com writes:

> Going thru your article on the Potato Masher in the Amsat Journal, I'm
>  confused by one of the numbers in Table One. Your 'test cable' for
>  tuning the VSWR with one loop only is 1/2 wave at 146MHz but isn't
>  15-3/16" a quarter wave? I'm not trying to nit-pick here (like the
>  hundred other guys who WILL if this is a type-o), I'm trying to make
>  sure I understand what I'm doing before I do it!

Right on, Steve!  Both of the test cable lengths in Table 1 are in error.  The
correct dimensions are exactly double those:  20-3/8"  and 30-3/8"  give or
take a little depending on your particular coax.  As I noted before, if you
are just measuring SWR, AND your SWR bridge is accurate, you don't need to do
this step.  If you are reading impedance, though, with an Autek or MFJ
analyzer, you definitely want to follow this step.

A thousand pardons, please.........
73, Jerry
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