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Re: Re: help with sstv mir

Hello fellow hams.
   Sorry to bother everyone again, but I am still having trouble receiving the
mir sstv
pics. I had just a few responses to my first posting. Thanks to the few that
told me of the shareware and offered suggestions. When I get out of the dark
ages (Win 3.1) and get Win95 in my shack I will try their suggestions.
   1. I did not get a response to my first question? Is anyone out there using
an MFJ 1278 to view MIR? Not a 1278 B or anything else, just a plain old 1278.
   2. In 1984 I copied Owen Garriot sending sstv down from the shuttle to a
tape recorder, with the thought of someday trying to view the signal. I have
not been able to figure out what mode he was sending? Can anyone help me?
   Please respond directly to     cbouck@aol.com
   Thanks to all for the bandwidth. Chris KB4CMF
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