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Split Boom for the Arrow Antenna

I was at a swap fest lat week, and N0IMW ,Al, had a new modification
for his Sateillite antenna, a split boom.  The orignal boom is 39"
which is a bit long for backpacks, and suit cases. The split boom
cuts the boom so that the longest piece is 22" when dis-assembled.
I bought the boom and used the elements from one of my other Arrow

I found the boom was easy to assemble in the correct orentaion.  
the cross cut makes it so that there is only one way to assemble
the boom.  The one thing I did have problems with is needing to 
put the director element just infront of the 70cm diven element in
early on.  The boom does not hold together until that element is 
in.  Other than that, the antenna assembled as quickly and as
easily as the orignal antenna.  

On the air, the antenna performed up to spec.  As soon as AO-27
broke the horizon It was working.  There was no cross-talk problems
due to the split boom, and no loss in gain over the original antenna.

I do a lot of hiking and mountain climbing. It will be very nice to
have that boom cut down, so it does not stick out of the pack.  For
every day use, I'll keep the one in the back of the car assembled and
keep this split boom for hiking.

The new boom has not been posted on Al's web page 
(http://hometown.aol.com/qrrow146/index.html) but I'm sure if asked
he will be able to make up more or ship one already in stock.

		Catch Ya' on the Birds


	          Chuck (KI0AG)
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