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Re: KLM Echo 70 question

Hello Mike ( and others ),
  Yes, I have converted my ECHO 70 to cover other band segments. I did
this my simply changing the crystal in the LO Oscillator circuit in the
Radio. There are two crystals in the radio that are in sockets. I
calculated the crystal frequencies needed to shift the band over. I
ordered the crystals from Jan Crystals out of Florida. There is no
tweaking or tuning required, just change the crystal. ( By the way, there
are two slots for crystals so you can only select two band segments at a
time, the select switch is located in the back panel of the radio ). Here
is what I came up with for the crystals:

Band Segment           LO Osc Crystal Freq

432.000 - 432.480     42.445 Mhz ( comes stock with radio )
435.000 - 435.480     42.7783 Mhz ( comes stock with radio )
435.500 - 435.980     42.8333 MHz ( for Fuji downlinks )
436.500 - 436.980     42.9444 MHz 
437.000 - 437.480     43.0000 Mhz  ( for AO-16, LO-19, WO-18 )

The Crystal Freqency is determined by ( LO Crystal Freq ) * 9 + 50 Mhz =
Band Segment Start Frequency

These modifications work great. I received my first signals from the 1200
baud sats and the fujis from this radio and these " mods ".

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999 16:54:58 -7 ka7hbb@janel.navicom.com writes:
>Good day,
>   I've just returned from a local Ham Fair and saw a couple of "new" 
>old radios for sale. Turns out that there about ~1974 vintage KLM 
>Echo 70's un-used... (don't ask me how)
>   Anyway, they are 432-432.48 and 435-435.48 Mhz USB/LSB/CW 10 watt 
>radios. They will work for AO-10 uplink and 432 weak signal work but 
>don't cover the FO-20/29 down link band. 
>    Question,
>   Has anyone done a conversion on these radios to move the 432 up to 
>435.5-435.98 Mhz?   
>   If so, how much is involved in the conversion?
>       To give you some idea as to why I'm interested. I can get them 
>both (2) for $120. 
>   73   Mike  KA7HBB
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