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.WAV messages in russian needed


A russian rocket took off this morning from Baikonour cosmodrom carrying
three  astronauts including the french astronaut Jean-Pierre Haignere.

Jean-Pierre Haignere will spend 6 months aboard Mir and he will perform
two EVAs. One of them will give him the opportunity to send another
SPUTNIK nanosatellite built by AMSAT France.

AMSAT france is looking for teenagers or children's voices records in
russian to put them into pre recorded messages.

These messages should be put into the nanosatellite ISD integrated
circuit before sunday 20:00 UTC.

AMSAT France is looking for .WAV files with the following messages in
russian language :

"This is radio sputnik 19 in space"

"73s to all ham friends" 

"Please QSL AMSAT France"

If you have the possibility to record such messages using your PC,
please do not send the .wav files directly but contact me before via the
following direct e-mail. Do not use the reply address of this message,
as it is my hospital address that I am living now until monday morning.

(.WAV files should use 8 Khz samples, mono)

Thanks for your help.

Dr Bernard Pidoux
President AMSAT France

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