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Re: Working the digital birds


I did send a reply to the list on the same day.  Alas, if I don't have
n7hpr@amsat.org in the reply to line, it doesn't make it to the list.

Let's try this again.

- Steve

At 06:30 PM 2/17/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey group,
>Does anyone have any experience working the digital birds with the new
>Kenwood TH-D7A HT?

Yes, during the AMSAT meeting in Vicksburg, Bob Bruninga and I tracked
several passes of KO-23 and -25.  I loaded WiSP in Bob's Toshiba Lebretto
and connected it to the TH-D7A.  Set WiSP to receive only as the HT will
hang (not sure why).  Plus, the HT is not able to operate full duplex for
the satellite (it can with a little surgery but I have not verify this).

The first thing you need to do on the TH-D7A is put it in packet mode, then
speed 9600, then KISS.  The HT does not remember from power up what
settings you had in it last.  

Bob had a small three element yagi for 440 that he pointed in the general
direction of the satellite.  The neat thing was that you did not have to be
dead on accurate pointing it at the satellite.  

The next thing you'll notice is that data is flowing through the HT into
the computer.  WiSP collected everything it could hear.  All in all,
everything was easy to set up and it worked FB.

 - Steve

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