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Re: Sound Card Decode?

In a message dated 99-02-20 09:27:39 EST, you write:

<< Rick:  I have the unit running but have yet to connect to MIR.  The
 technical literature us really vague as to how to create and store a message
 (ASCII) then issue a connect command when a pass is being made to post
 something to the BBS.  Any thoughts since you have two of these units? >>

Hey James
 I use cushcraft antennas, 

As for forwarding a message? do you plan to send the cosmonauts a message?
You can not send messages to hams using mir's bbs.

For uplink to pacsats the only one usable are  uo-22 (best clock) ko-25, ao-16
(1200 baud psk)

Ko-23 is dead and to-31 in recieve only. also Io-26 is usless and so is 

So there are only 2 sats to uplink to digial on 9k6 baud as of today.

Monitor what ever satellite for days before ever attempting a uplink( this is
to learn the excepted protocal and format).

But mir is still king. Just listen.
Listen here --> 143.625  coms  ground controllers to Mir crew | 

out of ham band no TX

145.985 listen for cw ID  "de R0MIR "  them worbling (this is sstv signal)

make a cable 1/8 inch ear phone   from speaker of rig to input of sound card
mic or line in which ever is ok.

 <A HREF="http://www.siliconpixels.com/";>Silicon Pixels</A> 
Download w95sstv.zip       

You need windows 95 for this program
and a windows compatable sound card.

Good luck
and let me know how you do.
73 Rick KB0VBZ
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