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Re: more info on TPMs

wlwt@groupz.net (W4LWT) writes:

> If possible would like a little more info on the potato masher. From
>  front page photo, looks like the phasing line is inside of the pvc. Is
>  this so ?  

Yes, the phasing line is inside the PVC "mast."

>  Would like the spacing used between the 2mtr and 440 ants,

Well, I have to admit I did no scientific research or testing on the spacing.
I just cut the PVC "boom" pieces to get a balance at the PVC tee I used above
the main rotor mast.  I am guessing it is about 1 meter between the antenna
feedpoints.  I doubt it is critical at all.

>  and any other construction hints you might have. I have built a 2 mtr
>  and 440 egg beater, and the do work, but would like to try the masher.

Yes!  If you already have working eggbeaters, try just adding the reflector
elements (assuming you don't have them now) behind the eggbeater feedpoint and
a rotor.  You will be in business with very little effort.  If you get too
high an SWR with the eggbeaters and the reflectors added, try re-shaping the
elements to a square.

>  tnx for your time
>  Jim Murray W4LWT

Anytime.  Anything to keep me from reading one more "SDQ"  posting :-)
73, Jerry

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