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On 2/19/99 2:58 PM Phil Karn (karn@qualcomm.com) wrote:

>You're welcome. Believe it or not, there's at least one ham out there
>who considers me a traitor to ham radio for having made it so easy to
>use the Internet to link amateur packet radio users. To him, it's not
>"real" ham radio unless it's *all* ham radio.
>This is totally silly, of course, because the power of IP comes from
>its ability to combine the best of all the various wireless and wired
>networking technologies. It lets you choose the right tool for each
>job, letting us reserve radio for where it makes the most sense.
Oh yea, I believe it, because every time I get press about the work I've 
done linking the internet and APRS, I get at least a half dozen nasty 
emails. Mostly I seem to be single-handedly responsible for the death of 
amateur radio. Don't feel singled out!

The way I look at it, if I'm making these guys angry, I must be onto 
something good!

Steve K4HG 
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