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> I think you're confusing the Internet with the ARPANET. Yes, the
> ARPANET was exclusive, though the most popular host computer type on
> it wasn't UNIX, it was the DECSYSTEM 10 and its little brother the
> The Internet was different. By definition, the Internet consisted of
> all computers that used the Internet Protocol (IP). Hosts directly
> connected to the ARPANET all switched over to using TCP/IP on January
> 1, 1983. At that moment, you no longer had to be connected directly to
> the ARPANET to use it; the ARPANET became the backbone of a much larger
> and more varied Internet.
> ... snip ...
> were implementing TCP/IP in their version of UNIX. Anybody who used
> these networking implementations were, by definition, "on the
> Internet" (though they may have been isolated islands of
> connectivity).

Of course you're correct.  I was oversimplifying.  The U of I was indeed one
of those isolated islands, mainly because the government considered Dr.
VanAllens work to be critical to national defense.  Some very early satellite
work went on at that institution.  Confession time. (I think the statutes of
limitations have expired) In all honesty, my involvement, besides admiring
VanAllen's work from afar, was mainly middle-of-the-night hacking on the
computers in the Physics department, where we fed our programs into the
computer from punch tape and played Star Trek  I was a journalist, and the
IGODS frowned on low lifes from across the river stealing their processing
time.  :-)

Thank you for all the work you've done to get local packet nodes connected to
the Internet.  I remember sitting at a picnic table with an HP 95 LX palmtop,
an Alinco HT, and a Baypack TNC digipeating to a node and telnetting out to a
BBS somewhere on the West Coast.  I think your software had more than a little
to do with that little demonstration. I know ops who's only access is through
1200 baud packet.  Gruesome, but true! There are more than a few local hams
using PCs our organization would have sent to the landfill, if I hadn't
rescued them from an early burial.

73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

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