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THANKS, re- stupid digital satellite question.

     Hey guys, I didn't want to start a flame war here. 
       I'd like to thank all of the ops that sent me and I guess the 
     rest of the bbs their input. I might add that I see certain great 
     uses for digi sats. I was just trying to get a feel as to its general
     use.  I still have a tnc laying around the house and cabled up for 
     use as need be, but I'm not on it much. I fire it up evey now and then
     to ensure that it is still working and that I remember enought to 
     press it into use. 
        I also use the packet system we've placed in the local sheriff's 
     office that we use during local emergencies for additional 
     communications with state emergency management officials. 
        I was just curious about the practical side of things. 
        "IF" I were involved with any local or otherwise group that had a
     need for communications to remote places and/or had the time and money
     to be a volunteer to help support groups that could put the service to
     use I'm sure I would put a system together. In fact I'd probably come
     here looking for info and equipment donations!. (Sounds like there is 
     a lot of gear sitting around that would make a good donation/right 
        I do donate time and money to 2 local ARES groups and feel that 
     packet has a place in ham communications.  I just don't have the time 
     and money to donate to groups like NorthWest Medical Teams, 
     International Red Cross, etc. to build systems and go with them as an
     operator to different spots on the globe to provide, I'm sure, much 
     needed communications. 
        In the mean time, I think I've  heard enough about the current use 
     of the digisats to think that until I've got more time and money on 
     my hands than I do now that it's not something I'll be doing in the 
     near future....Of course, if anyone in the general vacinity of 
     Monmouth, Oregon  is running a station or working on one I'd be 
     interested in knowing about it. 
        73, Mike

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