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Stupid Digital Sats.

In one of the messages about the "STUPID" digital satellites was a comment about someone sending reasons for using the digital sats.  I am on analog birds daily (I am retired) but here is a couple reasons I still am on the Digital's.

Some time in 1991 I met a George VE7DOX on AO-13. We made contacts quite often.  We both started on digital sats and kept in contact. AO-13 went silent key and we started using the analog birds along with Digital's. George's health became very bad and had arthritis in his fingers so bad he could not keep up with Doppler on the analogs. Thanks to Chris G7UPN/ZL2TPO and his Wisp program, We did not have to use the old PB/PG program and George could setup messages before a pass and we talked that way for a long time. One day I downloaded a picture of George on KO-23. That is something you cannot do on analog sats.

Over the years There has been several messages from one ham to the other on the digital sats that had modification to radios needed to get on the digital birds. I started copying and filing them to where I have a nice collection of mods.  When ever I saw a message that some one was looking for mods, I would send them if I had the particular one they wanted.  (Try doing that on analog sats) I always received a thanks.  (Cannot say the same for most of the ones I have sent here on this site. )

I have no intention of continuing this. Maybe it was the word "STUPID" that got my red hair temper fired up. I also will give my call sign, not just a name.

Bert   N7TKO
Amsat 24279