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Re: Apogee View

Mike (KF4FDJ) recently made some excellent observations on the present
use of the analogue sats and an excellent case for their continued need.

My addition to this discussion would be a plea for a replacement for AO-
10 which is still doing stirling service from time to time. When it gets
very weak or takes one of its naps then I really feel the lack of
opportunity to be able to work longer distances.

As a UK no-code operator it is my opportunity to work right across the
globe and to have contacts which last more than a few minutes. The FO
birds are fine for quick contacts but most seem to be like an Es opening
scramble on 6m over here. Also I don't need excessively elaborate
equipment and was pleasantly surprised to find my normal 2m and 70cm
tropo setup was just fine for near horizon working.

Who knows how much longer AO10 will continue to work? It is already a
good challenge for me to work the U.S.A. or the Far East. I do enjoy a
challenge but get worried sometimes how much longer the opportunity will
be available.

I can e-mail and packet mail fine but like Mike I most enjoy a direct
contact and love to waffle (rag-chew).

Just my half-pennyworth.

73, John  M1BTR (Lincolnshire, England)

  m1btr@midmarsh.demon.co.uk     M1BTR@GB7SKG
  QRV 6m 4m 2m 70cm   Member: RIG  RSGB  UKRS
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