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On Thursday, 18 February 1999, Mike Nason wrote:

> I know everyone has different ideas as to what's fun. This includes
> amateur radio operators. But could someone please explain to me the 
> attraction to digital satellites?

Mike...put me in the same category as you and KB9BNR.  I too simply do
not see where the interest is.  I got into amateur radio to talk to
other live, breathing people.  My TNC communicating with another TNC
would do nothing for me.  BORING!!!!  I guess that's why I don't own
one.  :-)

I think your question is a valid one.  If some good folks would come
forth and tell us what working the digital birds do for them....perhaps
Mike, James and I could be converted.  Perhaps there's something we're
overlooking that you could educate us about.  We're open minded and are
thirsty for information on this subject.  We're looking forward to your

No flames please....just healthy discussion, OK?  Isn't that what BB's
are all about - the exchange of ideas?

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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