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UPfront QST this month published a natiownide map of the 500 APRS
digipeaters.  But the whole meaning/intent of the original submission was
lost in the editing.  The title and content was supposed to be:

APRS Needs Your Help!

Even if you are not into APRS, you might be able to help your fellow HAM 
travelers through your area of the country.  An analysis of all the APRS
digipeaters in the USA shows the following statistics:
EAST of Mississippi:  82% of population is covered by APRS
                      52% of the area is covered
WEST of Mississippi:  57% of the population is covered by APRS
                      28% of the area is covered.
Everyone is going Wireless!  APRS is "wireless data" for HAM Radio.

For travelers, as long as you are in the APRS coverage area, you have
nationwide tracking and 2-way messaging capability (Even in your pocket
with the Kenwood Data HT!).   Our OBJECTIVE is to at least cover the major
thoroughfares for travelers.  Notable weak areas in the east are:
  South Georgia
  E.Central VA (Richmond, Norfolk)
  Eastern NC
  Western PA
  Southern IL/IN
  Western KY
  North Central NY state

All it takes for an APRS digipeater is a TNC and a radio on 144.39.
If packet has died in your area, or for any other reason you have an
available high antenna and TNC, we could sure use you on 144.39.   Come
join us.  For more info see http://www.aprs.org or www.aprs.net
de WB4APR, Bob

Also the statement in the photo about using Satellites in the West was
originally written as an objective, not a fait accomplie (sp?).  (Although
with last weeks APRS/MIR School tests, many stations exchanged packets
via MIR using only their HT's and rubber duck antennas.  

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