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Mike, you could not be more than right. I did run a Packet BBS for many
years, and it severed a purpose, to keep the locals in touch with each
other and to provide information. I spent many hundreds of dollars building
a 1200 and 9600 baud digital satellite station. Only to be board out of my
skull in about five minutes. The trouble with it is that unless you have a
friend on the other side of the globe you want to keep in touch with, what
the heck are you going to do? I sat and watched the data download on each
pass, and was board. Now all this equipment sits in a box. The analog birds
are great, you can talk to someone and make friends. For the most part it
is my opinion is that the digital birds are a great achievement, but are
not of much use, given the amount of money spent.

Now after saying that, I have warmed up my delete button for the normal
flames, that this list is so well known for.

73 Dave

At 03:32 AM 2/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>     Good morning to the net/BBS. 
>       I know everyone has different ideas as to what's fun. This includes
>     amateur radio operators. But could someone please explain to me the 
>     attraction to digital satellites? 
>        I've worked analog sats and enjoy doing it. And when I can afford
it I 
>     enjoy trying something different. 
>        I've done some terestrial packet and used it to get updated keps
>     ago and ended up being totally bored with it. I admit I don't have an 
>     interest in running a packet BBS and if I had maybe I would develope a 
>     queriosity about satellite packet. Maybe it's because I have know
idea what 
>     information is being sent via sat-pac or something. 
>        To my knowledge, I don't have anyone locally who is working the
>     birds so maybe if a couple of you using this mode would drop me a
line and
>     let me know just what your doing and what the interest is I'd
>     it. 
>         Thanks, Mike 
>     ka7hbb@navicom.com
>     mike_nason@hp.com 
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