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RE: Apogee View

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OK, least I sound defensive, or as though I'm protecting my turf, here
is a rundown of the available analog birds available to us today.

        FO-20  a good bird with broad tans ponder, easy to work, changes
polarity often.
        FO-29 another good bird, may loose analog time to digitalker and
digital modes.
        RS-13 in mode KA,  prone to 15 meter QRM and may be crowded,
easy to work.
        RS-15 is probably the hardest sat to work and is in mode A.
        AO-27 is a real zoo with a single channel FM system.
One-at-a-time use.


I agree totally.  With limited antennae, RS-13 is about the only
thing I can work analog.  RS-15 is just too too weak.  I cannot
even find my downlink most of the time.  ZOO is a good term for 
AO-27.  Since I like to eat, thereby I must work.  The weekend
passes are nearly impossible, so much so that I have given up on
it.  Maybe when my 160 watts into a 22 ele gets finished, but not
as it is now.  FO-2x will be more of a possibility once I get
my antennae finished.  Maybe AO-27 too.  Maybe this tax return
will have some surplus hi hi.  If I want to work digital, I use
the internet.  What a shame RS-16 failed!

What is the ratio of analog to digital SATs anyway???  Hmmm...

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