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Re: SSTV and Oscar sats.

Hi Tony,
There is absolutely no reason that you cannot use SSTV  on ssb on the
satellites.  Ten years ago or so about six of us got permission from VP of
Operations Courtney Duncan, N5BF to do some SSTV testing.
We used Oscar 10 and absolutely no problems were created.  We had stations
operating at low power at other frequencies on ssb voice, and they were never
aware of the fact that others were transmitting SSTV pictures.  Of course,
keep your signal levels at or below the beacon!

Several weeks ago I transmitted and received several pictures on Oscar10 with
some Japanese stations...We were not that successfull, but signals were weak
and we had noise problems at both ends.
Doppler shift on the low orbit birds makes it a bit difficult to tune, and the
short access times does not make it very enjoyable.  At that time we had a
number of European stations that were avid SSTV operators.

There are about 10 times the number of cry babies around than we had then, but
those that are familiar with ssb SSTV transmissions
are aware of the fact that is is nothing more than transmission of tones,
albiet a fairly high duty cycle...High speed cw probably cuts as big a swath,
but the cry babies probably can't copy it anyhow!

  73 Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
  Disagree, I learn.
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