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SSTV and Oscar sats.

    Greetings all
  Receiving the SSTV images from Mir the past few weeks was surpisingly easy.
The sound card programs such as W95SSTV alow most of us with a PC to utilize
this mode with out the expence of other equipment. The idea of SSTV via satellite
interests me , and I'd like to experiment further, but I have not seen anything on
the AMSAT web site that indicates if SSTV is an appropriate mode for  amateur 
satellites. I thought it best to inquire here.  
Since SSTV can be received and transmited using ssb, the band width is no wider
than a voice transmission and shouldn't be a problem.  It would also seem that if
the uplink power levels were ajusted properly, so that ones downlink signal dosn't  
exceed that of the satellites beacon, the satellites power bugget shouldn't be taxed
too much by this mode. Since time is a factor during a satellite pass, it would be
best to use a quick mode like Robot36 to cut down on the time it takes to transmit 
an SSTV image.  I would imagine that doppler would be a real problem though and  
would have to be a considerable factor for this mode... over head passes would be
 I operate mostly cw, HF,satellite, or otherwise and believe that we should make the
best of the narrow spectrum we are givin, I don't think an SSTV signal in ssb on any 
of the analog birds would hurt anything, it might even improve the level of activity.  
Pse send any suggestions directly to me.