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TS790 "anoying" mute


Since I use Trackbox in connection with my TS790, I noticed 
everytime the frequency is updated the rig is muted for a moment.
This is very anoying on pacsats, but we can always ask for lost data.
(the same is not possible while receiving MIR sstv pic's...)
I always thought about this as a "product problem" (=without solution) 
but recently I read this on FODTRACK.DOC file:

> But the only real solution for this problem is to modify the radio, eliminating 
> this muting.

My question now is: did anybody done it before? (I never heard about any
regarding this problem) If so, can you give me the details how to do it?
Many thanks in advance!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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