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Anyone know . . .

Anyone anything about this.

 >Subject:      Re: happy 99 virus - OT
> >
 >> How can you tell if you have this thing? I mean what does it do? In
 >> plain english, please. I went to the web page that Jaime sent that day
 >> and looked for a link to something that made sense and never found it.
 >> I've been sick and my brain don't work so well these days :-(
 >Here's what I know: 1) it affects Windows machines
 >                    2) it puts a fireworks display up on the screen
 >                       and opens a window entitled Happy New Year 1999
 >                    3) it copies itself as ska.exe into your
 >                       WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and makes modifications
 >                       to WSOCK32.DLL, copying the original WSOCK32.DLL
 >                       to WSOCK32.SKA
 >                     4) if the user is online when the changes happen,
 >                       it makes a registry entry that makes the machine
 >                       run the worm next time that you start up WINDOWS.
 >It is quite new, and quite commonly distributed in both the US and
 >Europe at present.

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