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re: SUNSAT delays

    Even with a one hour window, the ARGOS launch did not happen.  Again,
    as in many times past, upper winds the culprit.  Another try scheduled for
    13 Feb but the wind pattern looks worse presently.  Cliff K7RR

Probably a lot of the U.S. may not understand what's going on.  Outside 
of its snow country, California really has two seasons, a wet season and 
a dry season, with no much in between.  It's not unusual to get one storm
system after another for weeks at a time, at least in the S.F. Bay Area.
Sure, we may get some sunshine between storms, but that doesn't mean that
the upper atmosphere is stable, and rains sometimes seem to blow in and 
out with little advance apparent notice.  Dry season launches are pretty
routine with respect to the weather;  the wet seasons ones are likely a 
different thing entirely.

A plant that really illustrates the climatic differences is the California
Buckeye.  Of course, the eastern Buckeye is an ordinary deciduous tree.
It gets its leaves in the spring, when things warm up, and drops them in
the fall, to escape freezing.  The California Buckeye gets its leaves
between about December or January (+/- a month depending on when the rains
come), and drops its leaves in May or June (depending on the local water
available), to escape the dry heat of summer.

So those of you from European cultures may find this a little strange. Those
with roots in the Middle East may think this quite ordinary.  So if you are
accustomed to four seasons, just be patient.  Hey, we're lucky to be getting
a launch and be thankful they're being cautious about the launch conditions!

			-- KD6PAG (3rd generation California [on both sides
				   of the family])
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