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Russian Cosmos Award

It has been awhile since I mentioned this. About a year ago, I sent over to 
Moscow for Cosmos Awards for three stateside hams. Last week, I received 
them back in the United States and forwarded them to the respective hams.

They were,
Mike, N1JEZ  (Award #49)
Robert, KB4NVD (Award  #50)
Bob, WE1U (Award #51)

They were issued in December, 1998. I have Award #6, issued in March, 
1997. As you can see, the award has become very popular. 

If you would like to submit for the award, I am once again taking applications 
for it. There will be someone from NASA going over to Moscow and we will 
hand carry all the paperwork over.

You must have 100, 200 or 300 contacts with QSL cards in hand on LEO 

Print out a list of these contacts and have the contacts on the list certified by 
two hams. They must verify that you have all the cards for those contacts. 
Then send that list with signatures and a statement "I would like to apply for 
the Cosmos Award. Enclosed are XXX (insert 100, 200, or 300) contacts for 
Diploma X (enter 1, 2, or 3)."

Sign your name, enclose $5 for the certificate and put it in an envelop and 
mail it to me

Bruce Paige
PO Box 310
Alief, TX 77411

I will then take all these envelopes and forward them to my friends at NASA 
who will carry them over for Karen, RA3APW and his wife Natalie, RW3ABI 
to carry to the Central Radio Club for processing. Then, someday, we will 
have someone returning from Moscow to the U.S. and I will forward them 
back to you. This last trip, Sergei Samburov, RV3DR (President of AMSAT 
Russia) carried them from Moscow as he was coming here for an ARISS 

Please let me know via EMAIL if you are going to submit for the award. That 
way, should we have someone going over sooner than anticipated, I can let 
you know to hurry.


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