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Girl Guides on the Air (GOTA)

The Interior Space and Science Centre (VE7ISS), with the support of
volunteers from the North Okanagan Radio Amateur Club (NORAC) will be
sponsoring Girl Guides on the Air from VE7ISS in Vernon, B.C. in grid DO00.

GOTA began in 1985 to celebrate 75 years of Guiding in Canada, the United
Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. GOTA is a co-sponsored event between the
Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (CLARA) and Girl Guides of
Canada - Guides du Canada. GOTA has grown each year with more countries
taking part and most Canadian Call Areas now have an operator sponsoring the
GGC suffix. There are many Amateur Radio Operators, winter camps, clubs,
schools, fire halls, Red Cross, churches and Military bases involved in

Your participation in GOTA would be greatly appreciated. GOTA is always held
the closest weekend to February 22nd, which is Thinking Day and falls during
the week when Girl Guides of Canada celebrates the birthdays of its
founders, and when they make a special effort to extend their hands in
friendship to as many people as possible.

It is a special thrill for the kids to be able to communicate with Guiding
members around the world and they thank you for any contribution to making
this a successful event.  At VE7ISS, we will be on the air February 20th,
1999 from 1800 to 2400  UTC.

If you are interested in GOTA but have no Guides visiting your station, you
can help by having a brief QSO with a GOTA station until someone comes along
who does have Guides in attendance. The sound of girls voices is the best
attraction for other GOTA stations.

On satellite we will be on AO-27, FO-20 and FO-29 (if possible).

The suggested HF calling frequencies are:

80 m	3.733 or 3.933
40 m	7.088, 7188
20 m	14.133 or 14.188 or 14.288
15 m 	21.360
10 m	28.988

We will be operating two HF stations as well and satellite skeds can be
arranged via HF.

Any questions can be directed to ve7vvw@amsat.org .

Thanks and 73

Ron Seiler  VE7VVW

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