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Operating FO-20 From EM20

I will be operating portable from EM20 on Monday evening for the 02:30 UTC
pass, along with visiting sat-op Jeff, KB2WQM (he'll have on snakeskin boots
and a cowboy hat :-).  If you need that grid, look for us around 435.855 -
860.  I plan phone only, but if you need a CW contact, send me a note for a
sked by 6:00 AM CST.  

For those that are interested, the equipment is an Arrow antenna on a camera
tripod, a Ramsey $17 preamp (w/ 9 V. battery), and a pair of old Icom rigs
IC-290A/490A.  Power is from my FD ni-cad pack.  I tried the complete setup
out this afternoon on a low pass of FO-29 from my patio and made solid contact
with K5VAS, KF4FDJ, and W1B (N1JEZ), so I guess it works OK (although I
realize FO-29 is much easier to work than FO-20).  CU Monday night.

Jerry, K5OE
Houston, TX, EL29
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