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RE: Have I seen the light? or Revelations of a FNG.

Not necessarily.  The satellites can also operate on battery power.
These batteries will be charged when the satellite is in sunlight,
and will be drained when in darkness.  The object here is to not
drain the battery totally, which is why there is a power budget on

In a perfect world, a satellite would have enough battery
power to run 100% duty cycle in darkness without draining the
battery, and enough solar cells to completely charge the battery
while in sunlight, plus run the satellite at 100% duty cycle in 

In the real world, power is limited by size of the solar cells,
size of the battery, charge rate, output power, age of the battery,
age of the solar cell, ratio of sunlight to darkness, and a
little magic.

The battery in AO-10 is for all practical purposes non-existent.
Therefore, the satellite is un-useable in darkness.  On the other
side, Sputnik 41 had no solar cells, only battery.  When the
battery died, the satellite again was unusable, and will never work

As a final note, just because you are in darkness does not mean that
the satellite is.  But since satellites are line-of site, chances
are that you will not get much at mid-night.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy!!!

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Have I missed something that is painfully obious here? Are only DAYLIGHT
passes usable for communications? In other words if I am in darkness are
the satellites too, and therefore without power? That would explain not
hearing them at all now wouldn't it. I have mostly tried at night!

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