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RE: What am I doing wrong?

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am using an FT-847 driving to vertical omnidirectional antennas. For 430 I
have a disccone up about 30 feet, and for 145 (mHz) I have a quarter wave
up about 50 ft. I know that my antennas are modest to say the least. Am I
asking to much of them? 

>>Yep, you sure are.  Quite simply, satellites have a power budget.
The biggest limit is the solar array.  The satellites power budget
must be such that it never uses more power than it can generate.
If you understand the dynamics of rechargeable batteries, you can
get an idea of what is needed.  Because of this, most satellites 
are limited in output power.  You will need a good antenna to hear
it.  The exception could be mode "A".  Try listening to RS-13.  If
you do not get it, let me know and I will try to get you more
help on it.....

The only other problem that could guess is that my tracking software is
faulty. I am using WinOrbit 3.5 (I think 3.5) and the latest 2 line keps
from ARRL and AMSAT.

>>The single biggest problem beginners have is TIME.  I recommend
you keep your computer on UTC.  Unless you are an expert at time
conversion, it just makes it simpler.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can make for a FNG.

>>"FNG"... Are you now, or have you been in the military? <VBG>

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