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Some Thoughts

Todays re-entry of Progress M-40 allows me to officially end our experiment
of the Znamya 2.5 reflector.

The unfortunate accident reported by Mission Control in Russia, has been
sad news to the ZAREX 2.5 Working Group, and to the many supporters of our

I would like to say "Thank You!" to the people who changed their daily
activities to help us bring the idea of bouncing radio signals off of the
solar reflector to a near reality.......

            Chris Faranetta,  Energia LTD -  QSL Sponsor
            Chris v.d. Berg,  MirNews 
            Rick Smith (KA1SON),  ZAREX Technical Coordinator
            Don Horton (N1ISB),  Webmaster and Public Relations 
            George Baurassa (KB2SAE),  ZAREX Transmitting Team
            John Lindley (WA1ZHM),  ZAREX Transmitting Team
            Jan O'Bryan (N1QOV),  Zarex WG member
            Bill Thim,JR (N1QVQ),  ZAREX WG bulletin agent

and last, but not least, all of YOU, who sent us words of support, offered
assistance as listening stations at various points around the globe, and
thought enough of our idea to ask about it.  

Those who send reports will receive confirmation.

The  Znamya  Amateur  Radio  EXperiment  is  now  officailly  closed.


Dennis Richards,  N1HYJ
Direcror of ZAREX 2.5


        |\     /|           Don Horton  N1ISB   FN32kp
        | ``''' |           President, Northern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club
        \(O) (O)/           
      __  \   /  __         http://www.bcn.net/~dhorton/index.html

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