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[Fwd: KCT board registers adress]


There are still too few satellite tracking software and utilities
available for Linux system. To my knowledge, no Linux software can drive
azimut elevation rotors and pilot a transceiver (frequencies and modes). 

As this o.s. is becomming more and more popular among hams (not only for
there is an increasing demand for transceivers and rotor hardware

Developping such a driver for the Kansas City Tracker / Tuner could open
the way for
porting programs like WiSP to Linux. (WiSP is a complete package for
satellite tracking and packet communication using PACSAT protocols that
was written by Chris Jackson G7UPN.
It is only available under Windows).

Then, there would be less reasons to stay glued to older unstable and
ressource demanding operating systems...

In order to write a driver you need some critical informations (mainly
register addresses and equates for control words). 

Considering these arguments, I have asked John Emrich if he would give
these informations to someone who would be willing to come and write
down a driver for the very well known KCT/T system. 

John's answer is yes. However I am not a Linux programmer.

Thus, I forward this information in order to promote the development of
such a driver.
It would certainly be a nice thing to see a packet satellite (PACSAT) or
weather satellite station operating under Linux. 

Is someone interested ?

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Subject: KCT board registers adress
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 13:54:05 -0500
From: John Emrich <jemrich@compuserve.com>
To: Bernard Pidoux F6BVP <pidoux@ccr.jussieu.fr>

Hello Bernard,

I would also like to see someone develope a KCT driver for Linux.

I would be happy to release the addressing information you refer to, on
"as needed" basis.

Let me know where to send it.

73's de Bernard, f6bvp

President AMSAT France
tel +33(0)147 540 408 - fax +33(0)142 274 462

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