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Re: WISP - KCTT and Station Pgm

Another way to handle this is to wire the  KCT address  jumper switch to
the front panel of the pc.  When I want to run WiSP , or Station, all I
do is select the  corresponding correct address for either program, then
load the program. This way you  don't have to reboot. You only have to 
wire for select ,the first jumper. Both drivers can stay resident, as
long as your  active program doesn't see both of them.  You will know if
it does,  as your rotor will chatter away. This works for me, I've been
operating this way for several months with no problems.  Like Paul says
this  problem will go away with Station 2. If you need a detailed drawing
of how to do this, let me know. 

73 Jeff kb2wqm

 On Mon, 1 Feb 1999 09:32:17 -0400  "Willmott, Paul"
<paul.willmott@omsl.bm> writes:
>Station and Wisp32 use different drivers for the KCT, you must reboot
>between using either program. All the instructions for installing the
>station driver are in the manual. This reboot is necessary due to a 
>bug, ... windows refuses to release the lock on the hardware even when 
>to remove it. Station 2 will use the same driver as Wisp32 when it is
>released. Please don't ask when Station 2 will be released as I'm 
>serious renovation of our new (old) house.
>Paul, VP9MU
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] WISP - KCTT and Station Pgm
>Have been running Wisp with my KCTT just fine for quite awhile, but I
>also have the Station Pgm here that I have not tried since last 
>Both use the KCTT board and was wondering if I may have a conflict
>between the 2.  Running Win95 and using the RR.ini file.  That is, 
>is running the board just fine with no call for me to install 
>like drivers at all.  However the Station Pgm's Online help instructs 
>to unzip the KCTT rotor driver files and install them as such.  Am I
>looking at a conflict here?  Anyone else running the 2 pgms.  Not at 
>same time but perhaps one after the other?  Or would I need to reboot
>after running the one before running the other?  Arghhh?  Help anyone 
>Tnx!  73 de Mark, KE7NS
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