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CQ RS-15!

Fellow ops,

I have been calling CQ on RS-15, and nobody is home!  Paul, K5VAS is the
only operator with whom I regularly connect.  We HAD been in 2 different
parts of the passband calling and NOT hearing each other.  We had a
discussion, and decided since the bird is weak signal, ops have a
tendency to camp on one part of the passband and not tune around.  Maybe
several of us are trying the bird, which, by-the-way is working quite
well, and are not hearing each other.

I was elected to send this post.  I am calling CQ RS-15, and inviting
all ops with a good 2 meter uplink to try RS-15.  Both of us agreed that
a downlink frequency of 29.380 USB (carry-over from RS-10?) would be a
good "meeting" place.  An uplink of 145.884 USB should put you in the

Later this evening (Sunday PM eastern, after the game) there are a
couple good passes both of us plan to work.  When the bird gets above 15
degrees, at 2350 Z, my fixed 10 meter antenna will allow me to work the
bird.  I'll be there.  The second pass will be over 15 degrees for me
around 0200 Z.  I'll be there.

73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

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