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Re: SWR problem w/ KLM18C


Two quick things to look at before you whip out the wallet.
Check both of the dipole elements (the loop shaped ones) to see that the top
of these 
loops are not touching the boom.  On the KLM 18c if the mount screws are too
tight it tends to make the element touch the boom.

Test the circularity switching by having a friend with a circular switchable
antenna transmit to you while you switch back and forth from left to right
circularity. If there is no detectiable difference in the signal between
your stations then the polarities are being enabled correctly.

The switch box is a CS-2. The relay is RY1 = Guardian #1365. This relay
requires 9-15 v at around 100mA

The 18c should be able to acheive 1.2:1 easily

Good Luck

Al Emer N2YAC 

At 03:01 AM 99/01/31 -7, you wrote:
>Good morning again, 
>   I know this question has come up before but....I didn't own one of 
>these then.!
>   I'm having trouble with a KLM18C that I picked up used. I'm 
>reading about a  ~ 2.5:1 VSWR. Of course I don't have a "good" 
>SWR bridge for 435 either.  (Radio Shack)  The antenna does have 
>the polarity swich on it and I'm not sure I got the owners manual 
>with in anyway. 
>   1.  Can I get a different feed harness from KLM that will bypass 
>the switch box? Any idea how much?
>   2. Since I don't have paper work handy, what's the best way to 
>check out the antenna and switch box. 
>   3. Assuming its the relay in the switcher, does anyone have the 
>replacement part number and source handy from the last time this 
>problem came up on the list?
>   Thanks in advance,  Mike KA7HBB
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