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AO-27 last weekend/Maybe CM86 this Sunday/Monday

Those folks wondering why the QRP request for last weekend are invited to
look at:


A fuller trip report may follow later.

Saturday, i activated CM79 for the Pacific pass:

	Missed:	 W?7NE (no contact?), W7KEN (no ears), KC7MYI (no ears)

(Hint:  There are no roads in CM79!)

Sunday, i activated CN70 for the transcontinental pass:

	Missed:	 XE2YVW?,KC7EQL?,KD2WQM,N7SFI,K5OE (& many i didn't try for)

Now, if you think you should be listed here or find yourself in the wrong
category, please send me e-mail.  There are a few contacts that could have 
gone either way and i can review the tape if there are any question.

There was good co-operation, which was much appreciated, as i left my 5W
battery at home and ended up working from CM79 on 2W.  And i want to give
some special recognition to N2YQP, who had the best signal into CM79, on
1/2W !!!  Thanks also to N7SFI, KC6QFS, and VE6ITV for providing relays,
and N7MOE for the use of a GPS unit so i knew when i was really there.

I don't know how many rare grids were activated, as i only worked 2 of 4
passes, and i think there were at least 3 or 4 other rare grids when i was 
on!  It made for a chaotic Sunday pass, but from reviewing the tape, alot
of good contacts were made and alot of happy people.

I found the missing tape from CM89 (presumably only an uncommon grid), so
those will also go out in the next few weeks.

I've not been feeling well for the past few days, but if i am by Sunday,
i hope to activate CM86 (about half of Santa Cruz and ALOT of ocean) on
Monday morning and maybe also Sunday morning.  Please check: 


For specific times.  CM86 easy for me to get to, and so no special requests
on my part.

And i will return to CM79 and/or nearby grids in the future.  So far, i've
been targeting grid squares that i know people are unlikely to get, but
i don't really know which ones are actually rare. (And apparently i chose
well, as i've since beeen told those two are very rare).  It's lots of fun
and suggestions would be welcomed.

			 73's and good luck!

			      -- KD6PAG

P.S.  FCC messed up my Form 610:  It's "64th St", not "Co4th St."
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