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Re: Franklin Park Magnet School Satellite day was great!

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999 16:30:03 -0500, "KF4FDJ (Mike in Fort Myers, FL)" <seven77@gate.net> wrote:

> A copy of the study guide will soon be on it's way to Miss
> Contino's class.

That is such a good idea. I donated a 'Now You're Talking' book to the
elementary school my son goes to also for use in the library. On a somewhat
related note, my son made his first HF QSO yesterday. He's seven years old
and always watches me when I'm playing and loves to watch the computer
screen so he can tell me when Mir is getting near (if nothing else, he knows
his geography now). I was having a QSO with K6OCA on 10 meters via 5 watts
(QRP is soooo cool) and I finally talked Dakota into wanting to talk, he
chatted for a minute with the OM on the other end and when we were done, he
was grinning from ear to ear, I think he's gonna be hooked! He's a bit young
to actually understand the whole satellite thing, but in a year or so I hope
to have him on the air with his own license. I highly encourage everybody to
try and do something like Mike did today. These young people are the future
of our hobby!

73 Jeff W4JEF

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