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Sunsat/Oersted-Did not launch!

This time something very different.  The countdown progressed very well
with no hold whatever. 10,9,8......zero and then absolutely nothing!!

One fellow reported seeing a flash at the base of the missile.  Some time
later we were told that there was a "hang fire", something probably the
internal computer that caused a shut down.

We were immediately told to leave the area as the Delta was in a very
precarious position capable of firing at any minute.  Some half hour
later no new information was available.

Jan-Albert Koekemoer will be leaving for South Africa at noontime (it is 5
am local as I write this).  Niki Steenkamp will remain as the only
attendee on site.  From what has been mention by those with experience, it
maybe some time before the fault is located and corrected.  Of course we
all are very disappointed, but again, space flight is risky business.
Wish I had happier news.  73  Cliff Buttschardt  K7RR

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