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Mode A on the cheap

   I also am a great supporter of "older radios"  They are all I could ever afford, but I've had a great deal of success with them.  Keying an FM rig on and off often results in a less than desireable tone in your RST.  If you are really game I have had some success with both of these.  Inject a better (tunable) CW signal into the IF of the two meter rig (remember we're talking small signals!).  The class C final of the radio will not object to CW signals, but it WILL object to SSB.

    Or if you really want to live on the edge key an old crystal rig and tune for doppler using the netting capacitor.  This is very touchy, but the mod to make the crystal "rubber" smoothly shouldn't be too bad.  There is no reason why a TXO two meter rig shouldn't be a solid performer.  

Like another user pointed out, I too was able to find a two meter all mode in my price range, so I haven't played these games for several years and never did complete my TXO radio.  

73 and Good Luck,

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