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tenth Sundat/Orstead cancellation

It is getting to be a challenge just how to word these cancellations so
that the delete button is not pressed immediately.  This morning,
Wednesday the 27th we came within four minutes of launch when upper winds
were "in the red".  When this happens there is an automatic hold to the
end of the window.  During this seven minute delay the internal computer
in the Delta vehicle is reprogrammed to new parameters while a weather
balloon is launched.  Can you imagine the speed of that internal EEPROM?
     Unfortunately, the second balloon showed too high a wind velocity.
The South African team of two previously postponed their air flight to
allow another try tonight, but I am sure this will be the last.  Many
think the God's were with us this morning as five minutes before the
launch the Sunsat ground station lost power!  In the USA we usually use
115 VAC but a temporary 220 VAC connection was made in the load center so
that the SA equipment would not have to be converted.  The lights went out
and we had only 115 V to work with. 73 once again. Cliff Buttschardt  K7RR

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