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Re: Icom 2000 for mode A

Used 2 meter multimode rigs are selling in the range of $200-250 for basic
units. No, they don't have 200 memories, not even dual VFOs! But they do
have all the requirements for satellite operation and perform very well at
the task. 

With a $250 outlay one gains access to almost all of the existing
satellites and a stepping stone to many to come (I hope there are more to
come!). As skills develop, as in other aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby,
more gear can be acquired to work even more complicated satellites (435
multi mode rigs, AZ/EL rotors, tnc/modems).

Just because the equipment is old does not mean it is no longer of any use.
Check out the rec.radio.swap newsgroup or some of the others. The auction
sites also have some good equipment available but generally you will pay more.

Satellite operation, while not difficult, was never meant to be as simple
as jumping on the local repeater which is why simple (?!) equipment such as
the '2000 does not perform at its best in this mode of operation.

You can't take the money with you when your gone. A little judicious
spending and you can hurl your voice in the direction you will be going....
73/Have fun.

At 05:03 PM 1/26/99 -0500, Tim wrote:
>Yep, keying the transmitter and turning off any modulation is the easy
part, but
>since the VFO is set for 5KHz mininum change to work RS-13 with it the other
>station must chase me down the band and on close passes the shift could
move me
>ontop of another QSO. (Bad form) so what I really need is a mod to swing
the TX
>freq a few kiloherts to allow me to stay on freq. Until then I suppose
I'll give
>AO-27 a try when Im mobile.
>73, Tim ka8ddz
>SSneidar@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 1/25/99 4:00:20 PM Hawaiian Standard Time,
>> ka8ddz@eaglequest.com writes:
>> << Keying it CW of course : ) >>
>> Tim, am a sat newbie, old tech and have never seen your rig. But seems
to me
>> that in you use FM mode, reduce modulation to zero you are putting out a
>> steady carrier. Then, couldnt you key the xmitter on and off with a cw key;
>> albeit slow?
>> (I hate CW)
>> DE Sid AH6HH in Hawaii.
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