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J-Beams Aerials

Peter - I used to sell these antennas to ham outlets in the U.S. from the

J-Beam Aerial, Ltd - Northampton, England.  First, are you referring to
double 8 for two meters or for 435 Mhz? They did make both styles.
you make reference to where and how the co-ax is fed through the elements
to the 'wishbone' support. You do not mention the balun and its
to the support elements. For the skeleton slot fed yagis (from memory) -
remove the right angle clips and the thick washers from the balun end.
remove the polythene insulator from the feed point slot. Then connect the
to the antenna feed point of the slot by the two protruding screws. Fit
the cable 
feed line to the coax connector at the other end of the balun taking care
to take
away weight/stress from that feed point.  It had been noted that stress
pull internal leads away from the studs {I personally had that problem
and it
was a 'chore(!)to repair} - Your method of routing the feed line is
. . .  Nick . . .  w0ca . . . . nile1@juno.com . . . let me know if I can
help further

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